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M.Sc. Kaya Waller

My name is Kaya Waller and I work in Rotterdam as an international psychologist. I come from an international backgroud myself, being Dutch and African-American while growing up within the expat community. As a result, I am fluent in Dutch and English, but also feel completely at home within the diversity of different cultures. 


I have spent the past few years dedicated to my work and studies, gaining my Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences (specialization Mental Health) and my Master's degree in Mental Health (Adolescents). Furthermore, through my studies and work as a psychologist within an international clinic, I gained knowledge and experience with different techniques and interventions that stem from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schematherapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and more. With these skills, I offer services tailored to a wide range of mental health issues. To read more about which services exactly,                                                                                                

Besides offering quality care, I find it especially important to invest in openness and connection with my clients. As it is not always easy to talk about difficult topics, feeling understood and heard is the first step to reduce barriers and to feel more at ease to open up. Sometimes society can make us believe that talking about our problems is something to be ashamed of, rather than truly acknowledging the power that lies in being vulnerable. 

My goal is to normalize the fact that the majority of people will at some point in their life struggle with their mental health. I find it incredibly important to break stigmas related to mental health and to make mental health care more normal and accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are located. I truly believe that with the proper support and help, we are able to learn more about ourselves, gain different perspectives and can actually make an impactful and lasting change in our lives. 


KvK: 87034298


Located: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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