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Rebuilding the connection to our inner selves

We all go through difficult times.  In these times, it is even more important that we give ourselves the space, attention and compassion that we deserve in order to heal and grow. If you have been struggling with mental health difficulties such as depression, trauma, (social) anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, relationship problems or a general feeling of being stuck, Clover Therapy is here to support you.


Clover Therapy provides a safe space for the increasingly growing international community within the Netherlands, to really take the time and work through difficulties, together with an experienced psychologist. Clover Therapy´s aim is to lower barriers, break stigmas and to make mental health care more accessible for everyone.


As individuals, we all have different struggles and needs, which is why Clover Therapy offers individual sessions customized to your specific request for help. It is important to look at who you are as a person, beyond your complaints. Together, we work on getting back in touch with your emotions, values and needs and explore what tools can help you achieve your goals. 

Get in touch now for a free online or face-to-face introduction session. 

Image by Harris Vo

Why Clover Therapy?

✓  Fluent in English and Dutch

✓  Offering both online and face-to-face sessions

✓  Experienced in working with expats and internationals

✓  Various methods to tackle mental health issues

´What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation´

- Glenn Close


KvK: 87034298


Located: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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